classes with me

Feel Good Yoga

@Ndjara dance studio (Redi shopping centre, kalasatama)

Wednesdays 5.30pm - 7.00pm

This class bases on Vinyasa Flow type of yoga and I use the perspective of a massage therapist guiding through movements that do good for your body. Creativity and intuition are always present in my teaching and the content of the class and execution always depends on the yogis in the room sharing the practice. Every first Wednesday of the month is a super calm down and grounding practice with Yin yoga.


The classes are basic level and I guide through each movement and assist when needed. You do not necessarily need to have prior knowledge or experience of yoga, I got you. More experienced yogis are also very welcome to check back on the foundations and enjoy slowing down. I offer options to do your practice according to your own level and individual situation.


You do not need to know Finnish to participate to this class, I will guide the class in English/Finnish/Finglish according to the participants.

Dates for 2022: From 9.2.2022  until 25.5.2022 

(16 times)

In case of corona restrictions or sudden illness of myself I will either cover the missing classes or refund the cancelled classes in a fair way to both you and me. In these occasions lets talk.

Drop in price: 25€

Entire spring season 225€ (16 times)

10 classes: 175€

5  classes: 100€


First time tryout 10€




In any questions contact me through, Whatsapp +358453210902 or