I am a massage therapist with a health care professional degree “Koulutettu Hieroja” (certified health care professional).


I have a passion to help people feel better in their bodies and find ways to relax. My background in dance and yoga and experience in body functionality through guiding different body maintenance classes helps me to provide the best service for you.


The complexity of our human body fascinates me and I am constantly amazed about how our body works. I believe all our bodies are unique and have different needs. Tuning into listening to you and the needs of your body is important to me. 


Saara Saturo

Massage Therapist

What are you looking for?


We will focus on finding out the causes of the problem and treat them accordingly with different massage techniques combined with other treatment methods that are needed


You can let the manual therapy and massage do the magic and simply enjoy the health benefits and general body maintenance it brings


Massage is an important part of the athletic lifestyle. If you do a lot of sports and exercise it helps the body to recover and prevents injuries


Each treatment will be done according to your unique needs. I combine techniques from both so called “classic” and “sport” massages together with articular mobilisation, passive stretches, thermotherapy etc. to make sure your body gets exactly what it needs.

Package Deals

When one time is not enough you can buy one of my package deals. Especially long term pain and conditions usually require more than one time treatment. Also regular massage helps your body to function at its best ability. Perfect for a gift to someone as well!

5 x 30 min

150 €

5 x 45 min

200 €

5 x 60 min

250 €

5 x 75 min

300 €

5 x 90 min

350 €

You can always "combine" times, e.g. 5 x 30min (total of 2,5h) can be used as 1 x 60min + 1 x 90min etc. Whatever you want!

General Prices

 We can also tailor a perfect treatment for you according to your wishes only. I serve fluently in both Finnish and English.


Hakaniemenkatu 9

5 min walk from Hakaniemi Metro station


According to bookings



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I hope to see you soon!