Belt Bag is the best comeback in fashion for a long time. Why did it ever even go out of fashion? They are super practical for every day use, can be worn multiple ways and fit in surprisingly lot of stuff. Like A LOT.


This particular item called "Ruska-aika" has a wider shape and softer texture which makes it adjust beautifully whether it is empty or full. Inside linen with additonal pocket made of second hand jeans. Clips, belt, zippers etc. are all second hand as well. The outer fabric is a kitenge from Tanzania with a pattern and colours that throw my mind straight to the autumn leaves that make the trees look like they are on fire, called "ruska" in my mother tongue (Finnish). 


100% hand made

100% one of a kind


And that is a promise, I will not make the same piece again. So you can wear it proudly knowing that only you have this exact piece.

Belt Bag "Ruska-aika"

  • Heigth 20cm

    Width 30cm

    Belt length 80cm-110cm (adjustable)

    The length of the belt can be either reduced or added according to your wishes and size. I will make the needed adjustments after your purchase before delivering the product to you. Please write in the additional comments if you need the belt length to be adjusted.