Thermo therapy pillow filled with oats. Shaped to fit especially to neck and shoulder area. Oats divided into small pocket sections to make sure the pillow maintains its flat shape in all positions. Removable and washable cover. 


All fabrics are recycled from second hand products. Oats are from Finland. 100% hand made.


Approximate size: width 50cm, height 35cm.



Thermo therapy can be used to reduce pain and tension in the muscles. Thermo therapy improves the bloodflow and thus improves the metabolism of the tissues. Thermo therapy also softens the tissues by increasing the flexibility of the collagen of the tissues. Thermo therapy can also reduce pain by affecting the central nervous system and how pain is experienced.


Sounds fancy? In addition to all the reasons above, it just simply feels awesome to have a warm oat pillown on your neck and back. You can also use it to any other areas (e.g. lower abdomen during menstrual pain).

Oat Pillow "Dashiki"

  • You can heat the oat pillow either in microwave or oven. In an oven around 50 degrees 5-10minutes. Microwave 2-3minutes (about 700W), depending a lot how efficient your microwave is. You find the perfect time by testing e.g. 1 minute at a time. Do not overheat the pillow as when it is too hot it can burn your skin and there is also a risk of oats catching fire inside. In case you overheat the pillow you can dip it in water or leave to cool down on a non burning surface. Never leave a hot pillow to your bed or near textiles. You are using the product with your own responsibility and always under surveillance.