This bag is huge! Like seriously HUGE. Perfect for adventorous summer days when you need to be prepared for anything. It will fit a picnic blankets, additional clothing, beach things... It will even fit a towel for your friend and all his/her friends. But it is not too silly looking to carry even when a bit emptier.


Small additional pockets for smaller items. And on a day when you do not feel that bright, you can always turn it around and be a bit less colourful.


This particular item called "Moyo Wangu" is made from  black curtains and pants and beautiful bright yellow kitenge from Mombasa. Kitenges from coastal areas of Kenya and Tanzania often carry swahili sayings in them. This particular kitenge reads "Moyo wangu surutani cha mtu sitamani" which would translate something like "My heart is desired by someone who I do not desire"


100% hand made

100% one of a kind


And that is a promise, I will not make the same piece again. So you can wear it proudly knowing that only you have this exact piece.

Huge Bag "Moyo wangu"

  • Heigth 45 cm

    Width 75cm (the widest part, it narrows to the bottom)