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Tuesday Vinyasa Flow

@ Kipekee studio, hakaniemenkatu 9

Tuesdays 6pm - 7.30pm 90min
10.1. - 30.5.2023

This class bases on Vinyasa Flow type of yoga and I use the perspective of a massage therapist guiding through movements that do good for your body. And doing good for your body does good for your mind.


Creativity and intuition are always present in my teaching and the content of the class and execution always depends on the yogis in the room sharing the practice. The classes are basic level and I guide through each movement and assist when needed. You do not necessarily need to have prior knowledge or experience of yoga, I got you. More experienced yogis are also very welcome to check back on the foundations and enjoy slowing down. I offer options to do your practice according to your own level and individual situation.


The Kipekee Studio space fits maximum 3 yogis for each class. Which means guaranteed individually adjusted small group teaching where we have opportunities to go through through particular problematic areas according to the wishes of participants. You have space to do yoga and be you. Occasional head massages during savasana might be offered.


You do not need to know Finnish to participate to this class, I will guide the class in English/Finnish/Finglish according to the participants.


You can sign up for the entire spring season of 21 classes or get a 10 time card and sign up to each class separately. If there is space in the class of course drop in yogis are also welcome on irregular basis.

Friday Morning Slow Flow

@ kipekee studio, hakaniemenkatu 9

Fridays 9.30am - 11am (90min)
Second Friday of each month

A gentle morning flow yoga session to open your body and reset your mind. The class is a combination of Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Yin yoga which means we first move softly and calm down towards the end slow the paste to soft opening poses. Soft meaning that the practice is guided in a safe way respecting the limits of your body and providing movement that does only good, never harm. The class fits only maximum 3 people so very individual approach where I actually have the opportunity to take into consideration your individual needs and provide assistance when needed. 

This is a good class also if you are still fairly new to yoga and/or slowly starting to move more with your body. Listening to your body and finding things that make you feel good in your body are important in this class. I often encourage to do less, but provide options to challenge yourself if you wish to do so.

The class includes some gentle massage during opening poses (if you want to receive it) ​and head massages during savasana (ending relaxation) are also available.

The sessions planned for Spring 2023 are. 

Friday 13.1.2023. 5-7pm

Friday 10.2.2023 5-7pm

Friday 10.3.2023. 5-7pm

Friday 14.4.2023. 5-7pm

Friday 12.5.2023 5-7pm

Slow Friday - Take a Breath! 

@ kipekee studio, hakaniemenkatu 9

Fridays 5pm - 7pm (2h)
Last Friday of each month

This is a class to help you recharge, relax and refresh. This is a special 2h class of yin yoga, combined with breathing exercises and the calming power of touch through gentle massage.


Yin yoga is a form of yoga where we move slow and spend longer times in poses gently releasing tension in both body and mind.


One session fits maximum 3 people, which allows me to actually take into consideration your individual needs and really be there for you. With this small group it is almost like a private class really.


The sessions planned for Spring 2023 are:


Friday 27.1.2023. 5-7pm

Friday 24.2.2023 5-7pm

Friday 31.3.2023. 5-7pm

Friday 28.4.2023. 5-7pm

Friday 26.5.2023 5-7pm


Your options are 

1. Sign up for the entire season and pay it either once or in 2 instalments (no additional cost)

2. Sign up for the entire season and pay it monthly (no additional cost)

3. Buy a 10 time card and sign up each class separetely 
(please note that signing up for a class is binding, read more from the terms & conditions)

4. Drop in whenever there is space (follow my Instagram to know when)


Whole season 550€
(21 classes)

2 instalments 275€
(January & March)

Monthly 110€/month

All of them 140€
(5 classes)

2 instalments 70€
(January & March)

Monthly 28€/month

All of them 200€
(5 classes)

2 instalments 100€
(January & March)

Monthly 40€/month
(2h class is 1,5 times)
Valid Spring 2023

Whole season 850€
(21 Tuesday classes + 5 Friday Mornings +
5 Slow Fridays)

2 instalments 425€
(January & March)

Monthly 170€/month

Whole season 340€
(5 mornings + 5 evenings)

2 instalments 170€
(January & March)

Monthly 68€/month

Whole season 750€
(21 Tuesday classes, 5 Slow Fridays)

2 instalments 375€
(January & March)

Monthly 150€/month


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Want to read the terms and conditions for yoga classes?

Don't worry it is nothing too serious...

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