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Kipekee Style pieces are made from second hand clothes and recycled materials combining African prints and fabrics or other inspiring patterns.

Kipekee Design

Where many of my passions meet


Creating an unique style you can wear with pride

and know it is only yours

and accessories that are comfortable and practical


Bringing colour, life and joy into our everyday wear

with each piece putting a touch of unique artistry in them

long lasting fashion

Utilizing secondhand and recycled materials

Giving a new life to throwaway fashion

where pieces are worn more than a few times


Custom Orders

Designing and making a unique style just for you

Browse below for some examples

pimp my clothes

I can give a new look and style to your old fauvorite thing to wear. Adding some colour into it or pimping it into something fresh and new. I will always give a consultation and suggestion for you to think about before you have to commit to anything.

my products made upon order

I have a selections of products I will make for you upon orders according to your wishes and choice of materials, colours etc. Belt bags, backpacks, huge bags, Yoga mat bags, tunics, Hoodies etc. I always aim to use recycled materials in my designs as much as possible. Let's talk more!

custom designs

I can create a design for you from the beginning according to your wishes. When possible I will use recycled materials. I am not a tailor/dressmaker and my creation process always includes a touch of creativity and intuition. If this sounds interesting to you lets talk more and bounce ideas!

Group Orders

Stage Costumes


Kipekee Style can design an unique look for you or for your group for any occasion, any stage, any event. We can find a way to utilize already excisting and/or recycled materials. Let's start planning your unique look together!

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