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me as a Yoga teacher

terms & conditions of my yoga classes

I dont' like too many rules. I believe we can communicate all situations and solve possible issues togehter in a fair way to you and me.


But to lay some kind of ground "rules" let me state out few things that are probably common sense respectful behaviour.

Both to other yogis and me as a yoga teacher enterpreneur.

  • Signing up for a class is binding and must be cancelled with latest 5 days before the class. When you sign up you commit to pay the option you chose even if you later change your mind on short notice/cannot join after all. You can always give your place to a friend if you cannot join!

  • Classes missed by the student will not be refunded afterwards, unless there is a very good reason to do so (meaning serious type of illness etc., in these cases let's talk)

  • Students signing up for the entire season have the right to cover for missed classes in my other classes if there is space. You still need to notify minimum 5 days before class if you cannot come to have this right.

  • Students with 5 or 10 time cards need to sign up each class separately, the sign up needs to be cancelled minimum 5 days before otherwise one time from the card is counted as used.


  • If a class is cancelled due to unavailability of the teacher the classes missed will be covered or refunded in a fair way that all parties agree on.

  • 5 and 10 time cards are valid for the entire season you buy them for, not beyond the season.

  • Please arrive early, doors open latest 15min before. Doors close after the class has started and only with a special permission from the teacher you can join a class late.

  • And it probably goes without saying, but let me say it anyway that my classes are 100% free of discrimination and welcoming everyone just as they are.

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