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"yoga" for "seniors"


Fridays  9.45am-11.00am (75min)

In March 2024: 1.3., 8.3., 15.3., 22.3.
In April 2024: 5.4., 12.4., 19.4., 26.4.
In May 2024: 3.5., 10.5., 17.5., 24.5.

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Why the quotation marks you might wonder...

"YOGA" because this class bases on yoga but is much more than that. It combines movement and exercises that I know to do good for us from manual therapist perspective. We will have yoga elements but also components inspired by other practices that aim to: increase your mobility, strengthen you and release tension in your body. You might relax and feel better in general in the process.


"SENIORS" because there is no age limit to this class and the entire term senior is quite hard to define. What it means is that this is a class that takes into consideration that there might be some physical limitations in our bodies and offers adjustments as much as is needes. This class is gentle for the joints and does not include acrobatics or super flexible yoga stuff. As the class is scheduled for morning it might be suitable for those who are already enjoying their retirement years, but if it fits your schedule and you are looking for a gentle body maintenance class feel free to join even if you don't identify as a senior.


25€/1 time
70€/3 times
100€/5 times

If you want to pay with sport benefit of some kind, put me a message.
If you have any questions about this class, put me a message

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Want to read the terms and conditions for yoga classes?

Don't worry it is nothing too serious...

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